A confused tone overhangs Princess, adding to what is already an uncomfortable watch. In some parts it’s stiflingly creepy, so much so that it’s hard to watch, at other times we see a tenderness towards those moments of teenage years we yearn for once we are older.

The balance is never struck quite right however, leaving a bitter taste that compliments the film’s subject matter. The best moments come from the exploration of a mother’s love, found in the small glances that define a relationship for an audience. But the lack of clarity throughout gives the film an incoherent feel.

A mix of sweet and sour, Princess’s exploration into teenage sexuality is an interesting, albeit confused one – although that is surely the point. 



CAST: Keren Mor, Ori Pfeffer, Shira Haas

DIRECTOR: Tali Shalom Ezer

WRITER: Tali Shalom Ezer

SYNOPSIS: Adar’s relationship with her parents fluctuates between joyful and dangerous as womanhood approaches. The enveloping of Alan, who looks strikingly like Adar, into their family, complicates matters further.