With Craig Robert’s first turn as a director out of the way, it’s easy to see why “wunderkind” comes up so much.

Just Jim marks a new and crucial development in Roberts’ thematic repertoire, showing influences from his previous work as an actor, as well as his own idiosyncratic take on the colourless social reject.

By leading less into a newfound cool, and instead working with the burgeoning sociopath at the centre of all this, Just Jim forgoes the more cliché-ridden loser/kitsch framework of the uncool. While Roberts maintains his outsider quirks, this is a darker breed of outcast.

Roberts is a clear talent for the future of British filmmaking – whether it’s directing, writing or performing, he’s unlikely to disappoint.



CAST: Craig Roberts, Emile Hirsch, Richard Harrington

DIRECTOR: Craig Roberts

WRITER: Craig Roberts

SYNOPSIS: A social outcast attempts to change his standing with the help of a new, much cooler neighbour.

We greatly appreciate that this press screening of Just Jim was provided by Soda Pictures.