Cameron Crowe relationship dramas aren’t the most novel of films, recently having a yen for ‘trying to find themselves’ lead characters, which has become rather trite. In Aloha this is mostly avoided, and a reasonably engaging plot in the nicely-specific world of a military airbase in Hawaii can unfold.

Cooper again convinces playing his damaged military-type man, and Stone, despite her controversial casing as a part Chinese/Hawaiian Air Force liaison, is on form as a spiritual optimist who reawakens Cooper’s zest for life. McAdams does well with a ‘meh’ ex-girlfriend part and John Krasinski and Bill Murray provide appropriate whimsy.

Aloha starts off in Elizabethtown-esque territory but, perhaps thanks to winning performances or the stunning island scenery, it becomes something better. 



DIRECTOR: Cameron Crowe

WRITER: Cameron Crowe

CAST: Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone, Rachel McAdams, John Krasinski, Bill Murray

SYNOPSIS: Brian Gilcrest arrives in Hawaii as a contractor, ordered to obtain a traditional blessing for a gate as part of his work for an eccentric billionaire who intends to develop a space station on the island.  Whilst there he begins to take stock of the man he has become, confronted by his ex-girlfriend, ex-career and his super-positive Air Force liaison.