In a perfect mix of pathos and comedy, The Second Mother brings light to something key to society: class divide. Regina Casé is a joy to watch as Val, who fosters the unshakable belief that she is a second-class citizen to her employers as she constantly strives to maintain decorum.

But more than that, her portrayal of a mother demonstrates the heartbreak of being a parent. Her daughter Jéssica is played wonderfully by Camila Márdila, and the use of framing and camera angles expose more of the other characters’ feelings towards her than words could do justice.

A truthful depiction of what it means to be both parent and employee, The Second Mother leaves you pondering its characters long after you’ve flown the nest.



DIRECTOR: Anna Muylaert

WRITER: Anna Muylaert

CAST: Regina Casé, Michel Joelsas, Camila Márdila, Karine Teles, Laurenço Mutarelli

SYNOPSIS: The divide between rich and poor is turned upside down when live-in maid Val’s estranged daughter comes to stay, causing her to reassess her whole life and the people she works for.

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