At one point in Beyond The Reach, Michael Douglas’s increasingly crazed millionaire bellows a fine bit of paraphrasing: “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, I kill you”. Then he throws some dynamite.

Weird, sure, but it’s in these moments that Jean-Baptiste Léonetti’s debut English-language feature has a certain Ozploitational charm – the barren New Mexico desert (doubling for the Mojave) throwing up a few welcome surprises as Jeremy Irvine gets burnt, blistered and beaten.

Occasionally a little limp, particularly when visiting a thankfully-minimised romance, Beyond’s general briskness ensures it remains a refreshingly low-budgeted oddity.

Douglas’s Gordon Wakko wealthy-bastard schtick keeps Beyond The Reach from getting trapped in an all too familiar game of cat-and-mouse.



CAST: Michael Douglas, Jeremy Irvine

DIRECTOR: Jean-Baptiste Léonetti

WRITERS: Stephen Susco (screenplay), Robb White (novel)

SYNOPSIS: A young tracker runs for his life in the wake of a fatal accident.