Ant-Man is the hidden gem of all recent superhero films.

Douglas and Rudd battle on a goliath technoscale; facing down corporations, dejected daughters and supervillains alike. This faux-heist escapade could have numbered amongst The Incredible Hulk or Thor: The Dark World, but instead is in league with Iron Man and The Winter Soldier.

This is the first Marvel film to focus less on action and more on character relationships, and the lavish comedic touch of departed director Edgar Wright is evident and enjoyable throughout. The result is a great family film from a hard-to-realise concept.

Making the best of a bad creative situation, Ant-Man has emerged unexpectedly as the best non-superhero superhero film in cinemas. Marvel’s next film has big shoes to fill.



CAST: Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lily, Corey Stoll, Michael Douglas, Michael Pena, Bobby Cannavale

DIRECTOR: Peyton Reed

WRITERS: Edgar Wright, Joe Cornish, Adam McKay, Paul Rudd

SYNOPSIS: Armed with a super-suit with the astonishing ability to shrink in scale, con-man Scott Lang must embrace his inner hero.