What happened to Sahar?

Alexander Farah’s short lets the answer hang in gloomy ambiguity. Seething with family tensions, gender politics and the clash of cultures, Sahar explores the troubles of an Afghan family living in Canada.

A smashed windscreen opens the film, and its fractures operate symbolically throughout. Family is a microcosm of society, and Farah explores this skilfully. Dank streets and artificial lighting give this film an unnerving quality which is sustained in its themes — a multitude of perspectives are offered, yet no firm conclusions are drawn.

For its 14 minutes, Sahar leaves its audience with plenty to think about.

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CAST: Jack Christofferson, Behtash Fazlali, Mohammad Sarwari,  Panthea Vatandoost, Soheila Vatandoost

DIRECTOR: Alexander Farah

SYNOPSIS: Sahar’s conservative parents have had enough of her rebellious behaviour. Her obedient brother, Nadim, watches from the sidelines as Sahar rebels one time too many.