Justin Long is normally pretty likeable; he’s got that engaging voice and an endearingly rubber face. Unfortunately the first thirty minutes of Comet call for it to be rearranged.

What sounds like a student’s original drama production full of self-consciously quirky “characterisation” (“I have a thing about shaking hands”) is essentially saved by the sheer perseverance of Emmy Rossum and her co-star. Sorry about the face thing, Justin.

Director Sam Esmail is also pretty interesting, framing what is ultimately a series of extended dialogues in a consistently engaging manner. So when Esmail allows space to breathe, there exists recognisable promise.

Mining the cursed-romance tropes of Eternal Sunshine and (500) Days of Summer, Comet spends much of its runtime rowing back from an extremely aggravating opening third. With some success.



CAST: Justin Long, Emmy Rossum

DIRECTOR: Sam Esmail

WRITERS: Sam Esmail

SYNOPSIS: The relationship of two lovers is played across six years.