With subtlety, simplicity and restraint, Bringing Back the Light eschews patent ‘nature porn’ in favour of gentle storytelling.

This didactic documentary examines the patient ethos and methods behind habitat restoration in Canada’s temperate rainforests, by means of beautiful photography, inviting camerawork, and concise commentary.

Strikingly, the balmy tone softens the short’s educational intent and breathtaking shots of lofty forests. The rich yet modest soundtrack and straightforward interviewees keep the viewer tethered to earth.

Bringing Back the Light holds to its strong and wide-ranging message. It offers fascinating, and remarkably unhurried, access to the participants’ knowledge and sincerity.

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CAST: Andy Mackinnon, Warren Warttig, Jessica Hutchinson, Saya Masso

PRODUCER: Drew Burke


SYNOPSIS: Bringing Back the Light explores the practice, the methods and the need for habitat restoration in British Columbia’s temperate rainforests, where Central Westcoast Forest Society undo damage wrought by decades of destructive logging, mining, and development practices.