High Priest Nebula (Scovel) is re-considering the idea of transcending to meet up with Lord Ophelion. Fair enough. Problem is he’s the cult leader who claimed Ophelion existed in the first place.

Second Thoughts is a strong short that milks its central joke to perfection, with each character given a moment to shine. The overwhelming comedic awkwardness comes largely from Scovel’s strong performance, and good work from DoP Tami Reiker.

In this tale of the ultimate evasion, David Shane keeps the pace high, and the laughter flowing. Despite retreading familiar comedic ground, this short never outstays its welcome.

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DIRECTOR: David Shane

WRITTEN BY: Matt Heath, Eric Stevens and Joshua Dimarcantonio

CAST: Rory Scovel, Abby Miller, Asif Ali, Scott Morgan and Colin Trahan

SYNOPSIS: A cult leader gets cold feet when it comes time to fulfil his own prophecy and transcend to the afterlife.