Heineken’s protagonists are just “a bunch of local jerkoffs” hit hard by the recession, unfairly losing their business and their purpose. So why not kidnap a billionaire? So crazy, so true?!

Well, it might be true but it barrels into the concept at such a pace it’s hard to see how the pieces fit together. When such briskness gets us to an entertainingly game Anthony Hopkins seemingly listing his rider, it’s fair enough – but the rest of this muted experience is concerned with clichéd tick after tick: the leader, the wildcard, the reluctant, the crazy.

Truth is blander than fiction.

Initially crisp and refreshing like a Heineken isn’t, a brisk (to the point of rushed) start gives way to a rather flat body.



CAST: Jim Sturgess, Sam Worthington, Anthony Hopkins

DIRECTOR: Daniel Alfredson

WRITERS: William Brookfield (screenplay), Peter R. de Vries (book)

SYNOPSIS: A gang of unemployed friends hatch a kidnapping scheme to raise millions.