Tiger Orange combines able execution with an enticing story to make a gentle and romantic film.

Chet’s shy reticence contrasts vividly with Todd’s promiscuity, creating a shrewd central fraternal relationship. The result is a humorous and affectionate rapport, made particularly convincing through the likeable performances given by Mark Strano and ex-porn star Frankie Valenti (“Johnny Hazzard”).

This is not a perfectly polished movie, mainly thanks to an unwarranted voiceover and intermittently formulaic feel, but it is effective nonetheless. Perhaps its potency resides in the many scenarios and interactions that, although timeworn, are familiar to many within the LGBT community.

Tiger Orange is an exceedingly watchable feature debut. Sweet, funny and enjoyable, this is a pleasant feel-good film.



CAST: Mark Strano, Frankie Valenti (Johnny Hazzard), Gregory Marcel, Ty Parker, Vincent Duvall, Adrian Delcan

DIRECTOR: Wade Gasque

WRITER: Wade Gasque, Mark Strano

SYNOPSIS: In rural California two estranged gay brothers, a steadier Chet (Strano) and the prodigal Todd (Valenti), struggle to reconnect after the death of their father.

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