The toss of a coin, a locked door, (un)lucky timing: in 16 short minutes The Window plays out the consequences, intended and unforeseen, as seemingly minor events build into life-changing moments.

Writer and director Adam Morse shows both sides of the coin, with parallel timelines as the actors converge and previously thrown-away lines gather significance.

A confined house and garden set is used to great effect, encapsulating the action under one metaphorical and physical roof, and shot in a style which gives a simultaneous sense of being inside the room and outside, observing through an open window.

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CAST: Tom Chapman, Callum McGowan, Mabel Clements

DIRECTOR: Adam Morse

WRITER: Adam Morse

SYNOPSIS: Sam and Danny crash an exclusive party with different objectives. Sam is pursuing his girlfriend in the hope of resolving their relationship, while Danny’s mission is to hook up with the first girl he finds. The universe, however, has other plans for the two when a single coin flip separates them from each other and alters their destinies.