Jafar Panahi writes, directs and stars in this charming and humorous display of the eccentric spirit of Iranian society. Ostensibly a hidden camera documentary, a large part of the film’s appeal lies in guessing where the fiction ends and the truth begins.

A colourful array of passengers step into the titular taxi to discuss a range of issues – from the use of capital punishment on tyre thieves to the censorship of Iranian cinema.

Wry and self aware, Taxi is a true cinephile’s film; only disappointing in the final act as its message threatens to overwhelm the film itself.

A celebration of form and freedom of expression, this dashcam-shot treasure is an enjoyable if sometimes uneven ride.



CAST: Jafar Panahi

DIRECTOR: Jafar Panahi

WRITER: Jafar Panahi

SYNOPSIS: Creator Panahi ferries diverse people around Tehran, Iran’s capital in the titular taxi. They are men and women, young and old, rich and poor, traditionalists and modernists, video pirate vendors and advocates of human rights.