When you watch a film called Crazy Love you could be forgiven for thinking you were in for chaos, mania, and romance. Amour Fou takes a different route, resplendent with calm and measured notes to the point of being clinical.

The occasional voiceover is the only non-diegetic sound; the camera moves twice (one pan, one slow zoom), with the audience forever maintained at arms’ length.

As a study of love’s insanity Amour Fou is confident in its portrayal; the shots are beautiful, and the tone complete. The tragedy is of the quiet variety, which Hausner has pitched almost perfectly.

Hausner has a created a studied and visually beautiful film that calmly presents a strange, haunting and fascinating true story.



CAST: Birte Schnoeink, Christian Friedel, Stephan Grossman

DIRECTOR: Jessica Hausner

WRITER: Jessica Hausner

SYNOPSIS: Poet Heinrich von Kleist is trying to find someone to die with, and believes he has found that person when he meets Henriette Vogel.