We’ve teamed up with Fox Searchlight Pictures and Substance PR to bring you a rundown of the best gin joints, slums, bars, watering-holes and pubs in film to celebrate the release of The DropSo slump on in and draw your favourite drink as we run down the Top 10 Best Bars in film:

10. Rick’s Café Américain – Casablanca

In the world’s most famous fictional gin joint, from 1943, American expatriate and owner Rick Blaine treats his guests to a resplendent retreat from war-torn Europe. With the ever-faithful Sam delivering the finest atmosphere attracting the finest in all of Casablanca, one would hardly be able to guess that many of these glamorous patrons were refugees.

Signature Drink: Champagne and Brandy

9. Korova Milk Bar – A Clockwork Orange

Courtesy of: Columbia-Warner Distributors

Courtesy of: Columbia-Warner Distributors

It would hardly be appropriate to create this list without including Korova. Frequented by Alex DeLarge and his gang, this psychedelic, futuristic bar serves only the best milk to its special patrons. The secret here is what is in the milk, allowing you to pick from vellocet, sythemesc, or drencrom as your chosen kick – or just go with what Alex advises, the milk “with knives in it.” It will give you a sharp mind for whatever your evening plans are. Fun fact: “korova” is Russian for “cow”.

Signature drink: Milk

8. The Titty Twister – From Dusk Till Dawn

This fantastic dive bar located in Mexico is the perfect resting-place for the filth of the earth to drown their sorrows. Filled with great cold beer and beautiful girls who dance with snakes and look very similar to Salma Hayek, how could you resist? That being said, the vampirical undertones can either enliven or dampen the evening depending on your status.

Signature Drink: Tequila

7. Ink and Paint Club – Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Courtesy of: Buena Vista Pictures

Courtesy of: Buena Vista Pictures

The one place in the world where you will find humans and cartoons mingling over a couple of drinks. The penguin waiters are always very attentive and will follow every order to a T – just make sure you order exactly what you want or you may get a rough surprise. Like a speakeasy of old, this club is always full of lively music to keep the crowd going.

Signature Drink: Whiskey on the Rocks (literally)

6. Mos Eisley Cantina – Star Wars

Considered the most dangerous bar in the galaxy, this cantina is always lively with the best soundtrack in town. Filled with jazz, murder, and the scum of the galaxy, it is best to arrive with a Jedi master by your side. However, droids are strictly prohibited. Figrin D’an and the Modual Nodes never stop playing, even when someone is murdered. You’ll just want to hear that same song, over and over and over and over again.

Signature Drink: Bright Orange

5. The Winchester Tavern – Shaun of the Dead

Courtesy of: Universal Pictures

Courtesy of: Universal Pictures

Dogs can or cannot look up, there’s hog snacks abounding and it’s always the place to drown your sorrows, whether due to a break-up or the apocalypse. The jukebox is full of all the classics you never knew you wanted to hear during a zombie apocalypse and there’s the best defense system in all of North London. Where else would you go to wait for the zombie apocalypse to blow over?

Signature Drink: Pints and Flaming Shots

4. The Gold Room at the Overlook Hotel – The Shining

At this swanky bar located within the Overlook Hotel, you can find comfy couches, fancy drinks, and one of the most ambitious theories about America’s economic future: one Shining obsessive claims Kubrick used the enormous ‘Gold Room’ set in the Overlook as a launching point to tweak America’s abandonment of the gold standard, by which US currency was backed up by corresponding reserves of gold. His 40 minute theory can be viewed in part here

Signature drink: Jack Daniels

3. Basement Tavernia – Inglourious Basterds

Courtesy of: Universal Pictures

Courtesy of: Universal Pictures

In the heart of Germany, this peaceful basement tavern has some of the country’s best bar games. With festive music and never-ending beers it seems like nothing could be wrong here. Sadly for Bridget von Hammersmark (Diane Kruger) and Lieutenant Archie Hicox (Michael Fassbender), the barkeep keeps a gun and his best SS customer has a knack for noticing local accents and foreign hand gestures. A great source of tension through all card-based name games – just not so great for enjoying a peaceful, bullet-free evening.

Signature Drink: Schnapps

2. Double Deuce – Road House

Owned by a fancy New York City club owner, this bar in Missouri should be full of big city glitz and glamour. However, its rough-and-tough charm can only come from a bar located in the middle of America. Here it is easy to get into a fight with any patron you may have a grudge against. If you get into too much trouble, Patrick Swayze is always there to give you a hand. Every cloud has a silver lining, eh?

Signature Drink: Revenge

1. Cousin Marv’s Bar – The Drop

Courtesy of: Fox Searchlight Pictures

Courtesy of: Fox Searchlight Pictures

Filled with “the best of Brooklyn”, this bar will never disappoint. The bartender, Bob, is ready to serve whoever comes through the doors and cousin Marv makes sure everyone is well taken care of. Cousin Marv’s is the best place to bring your friends to drink some cold ones and watch the game. Don’t forget your money – Marv and Bob will always make sure it is either spent well or kept safe. You will not hear about much here, because come on, it’s the neighbourhood.

Signature Drink: Whatever’s on tap

The Drop is in theatres now. You can check out our review here.