It’s ironic that a film about living forever is so insufferable it makes you want to kill yourself.

Sussberg and Alvarado openly laugh at the deluded follies of the oddball scientists trying to cure aging though it’s hard to tell if they actually intend to.

Curing aging is a romantic ideal but the solutions offered are flimsy and questioned by experts at every step.

More importantly there’s so little substance to the central quest that The Immortalists becomes a home video of the dullest and most irrelevant proportions.

The direction is unimaginative and the leads an unsympathetic group of tragically misguided dreamers.

The longest 80 minutes of the year.



CAST: Aubrey de Gray, William Andrews, Leonard Hayflick

DIRECTORS: David Alvarado, Jason Sussberg

WRITER: Jason Sussberg

SYNOPSIS: Two eccentric scientists struggle to create eternal youth in a world they call “blind to the tragedy of old age.” As they battle their own aging and suffer the losses of loved ones, their scientific journeys ultimately become personal.