James Kent has lavished care on this searing story of love and war so as to produce a familiar yet fresh adaptation.

The emotions exposed throughout Testament of Youth are sagaciously measured, truthful and internal, not excessively sentimental but powerfully poignant. It is attention to detail that magnifies characters’ affections as well as the antithetical horror of war.

Similarly the young British leads achieve movingly tangible friendships. Nevertheless it is Alicia Vikander whom most strikingly inhabits her role with a resoundingly meticulous performance.

Regrettably the film occasionally lacks directional restraint and is ultimately stymied by chronology.

Testament of Youth speaks to universal truths that exceed its World War One outline. Emotional, enthralling and well made, this timely cinematic sensation shines through its leading lady who befits the indomitable woman she portrays.



CAST: Alicia Vikander, Kit Harington, Taron Egerton, Colin Morgan, Dominic West, Emily Watson, Hayley Atwell, Anna Chancellor

DIRECTOR: James Kent

WRITER: Juliette Towhidi

SYNOPSIS: Ardently intelligent Vera Brittain (Vikander) overcomes family prejudice to win a place at Oxford as she concurrently falls in love with her brother’s friend Roland (Harington). The First World War rips her male friends away to battle, precipitating her to volunteer as a nurse during which time she is immersed in the horror of war…