Morgan Matthews’ X+Y employs refreshing subtlety in place of generically afforded melodrama. Despite playing host to numerous mental and physical disabilities, X+Y commendably eschews blatant and obvious routes of emotional manipulation, using difference as a change in perspective, rather than a change in ability.

Though little of X+Y’s emotional impact stems from instances of “normalcy”, the depth and unguarded simplicity with which issues of disability are approached leave the film mostly devoid of patronising artificiality. Despite the potential enormity of the issues presented, Matthews’ restrained direction maintains honesty and authenticity throughout.

X+Y affectingly brings exposition and empathy to the forefront of a commonly exploited and oversimplified subject-matter. 



CAST: Percelle Ascot, Eddie Marsan, Rafe Spall, Asa Butterfield, Sally Hawkins

DIRECTOR: Morgan Matthews

WRITERS: James Graham

SYNOPSIS: A socially awkward prodigy finds friendship and acceptance on the International Mathematics Olympiad.