This sensory and disorientating documentary is extremely poignant, an effect heightened by footage accentuating Collins’ former dynamism as well as incremental tonal shifts paralleling the ascendance of hope with his inspiring improvement.

Beware the overwhelmingly hypnotic effect which is irresistibly tranquil and might strain audience focus. Nonetheless the sparse, non-elucidating and numb quality owns a distinctive and powerful weight.

Memorably The Possibilities Are Endless manages to induce vicarious feelings of stifling bewilderment, unfathomability and transcendence through its non-linear form, Collins’ struggling speech, pulsating acoustics, haphazard memory excerpts and a straining sombre slideshow of striking landscape film.

Director of Photography Richard Stewart creates remarkable visuals to abet the vast feeling of disconnectedness, a semblance of Collins’ experience. Hazy, hypnotic, immersive, emotive… The Possibilities Are Endless has much to recommend it.



CAST: Edwyn Collins, Grace Maxwell, William Collins, Yasmin Paige

DIRECTOR: Edward Lovelace

SYNOPSIS: This powerful documentary tells the unbelievable story of respected Scottish songwriter Edwyn Collins who experienced a stroke so extreme it wiped his mind, leaving only the phrases “yes”, “no”, “Grace Maxwell” and “The Possibilities are Endless”.