Shrew’s Nest is a shrieking bloody mess of a film that just about clings onto enough sanity to tell a compelling and sinister story.

Montse (Gómez) is too afraid to leave her house and when an injured neighbour (Silva) begs for help, her timidity develops into an obsessive and uncompromising rule over her domestic domain.

Gómez’s performance is unhinged and frankly a little annoying, mostly missing the intended beats of dark humour. Andrés, Cuenca and Tusell’s plot is weak and confusing until the final half hour when the action explodes into a hysterical and sickening bloodbath.

An intense and claustrophobic horror that meanders for the most part. De Santiago and Silva are strong, but a scattergun performance from Gómez, a clichéd score from Joan Valent, and a weak script let this film down.




CAST: Macarena Gómez, Nadia de Santiago, Hugo Silva, Carolina Bang

DIRECTORS: Juanfer Andrés, Esteban Roel

WRITERS: Juanfer Andrés, Sofía Cuenca, Emma Tusell (original idea)

SYNOPSIS: Spain, 1950s. Montse’s agoraphobia keeps her locked at home and her only link to reality is the little sister she lost her youth raising. An unexpected visitor enters the Shrew’s Nest and Montse will do anything to keep it safe…