The Equalizer is nothing more than a sluggish and disappointing mess.

Washington’s poorly-sketched ex-special ops agent juggles with several underdeveloped themes that bar him from any meaningful character development; whilst Martin Csokas’ laughable Mafioso Teddy, unnervingly fresh from the Californian sun, is not remotely believable. Moretz barely gets a look-in.

Excessive closeups, ceaseless slow-mo shots and the nonsensical narrative irritate incessantly. Yet worst of all, Fuqua seems happy to roll in this vanilla pigswill of cliches and stereotypes, leaving us with no lasting memories outside the bland veneer of an LA soundstage.

With greater care taken over the haphazard pacing and poor script, The Equalizer might have been a fun night out. Instead it begs the question of when Washington will be given a movie worth his talents.



CAST: Denzel Washington, Martin Csokas, Chlöe Grace Moretz

DIRECTOR: Antoine Fuqua

WRITERS: Richard Wenk, Michael Sloan, Richard Lindheim

SYNOPSIS: A mysterious ex-government agent deals out rough justice to the Russian mafia who exploit the weak and vulnerable of Boston.