Annie had it all: two great kids, a loving marriage with radio producer husband Jay and a financially successful blog (?).

Today though, her life’s about to turn upside down! After handing out half a dozen iPads to friends, family and the mailman (?) something becomes clear…

They only left their sex tape on “the cloud” and now everyone with their iPads can see it (?) !

Now Annie and Jay have got to track their iPads down, remove the tape from the cloud – “it’s not like an actual cloud” – and break into YouPorn headquarters to prevent it going online (?).

Will they succeed?

It doesn’t matter. Nothing matters.



CAST: Cameron Diaz, Jason Segel

DIRECTOR: Jake Kasdan

WRITERS: Kate Angelo, Jason Segel, Nicholas Stoller

SYNOPSIS: After Annie and Jay unwittingly share a homemade sex tape, they must set out to stop family, friends and the world from viewing it.