Joanna Coates’ feature debut centres realism in a place often found, yet often lost. Coates’ uncluttered depiction of a polyamorous utopian society comfortably avoids falling into sexual fantasy, instead focusing on genuine liberation and reclamation of innocence. Although Hide and Seek freely opens itself to the world beyond, normalcy nonetheless appears bigoted and spiritually bereft in comparison to the newly-formed ideal.

Despite clearly referencing the many pitfalls commonly associated with liberal idealism, Hide and Seek responsively recommits to its initial premise, leaving prior efforts in mere states of parody and evasion.

Coates’ dedicated resistance to doubt’s subsequent melodrama reinvigorates utopian tropes to go beyond the usual forgone conclusion.



CAST: Josh O’Connor, Hannah Arterton, Rea Mole

DIRECTOR: Joanna Coates

WRITERS: Daniel Metz, Joanna Coates

SYNOPSIS: Four young people leave the city to create a polyamorous utopia in the countryside.