Sara Colangelo’s feature debut, Little Accidents, dolefully addresses the personal ramifications of widespread public trauma.

Taking place in the small-town setting of Park City, Colangelo organically brings together Little Accidents‘ three protagonists in such a way that the prospect of their intersection is at no time met with the contrivance that their broad class divisions would ordinarily suggest.

In the process of assembling its strikingly well-crafted performances, the film subtly builds upon a repressed central theme of moral containment. It is in pursuit of this latent theme that Little Accidents uncovers true maturity worthy of its cast.

An impressive first feature from Sara Colangelo; an acutely sobering character drama that lives up to its (short) predecessor.



CAST: Elizabeth BanksBoyd HolbrookJacob Lofland

DIRECTOR: Sara Colangelo

WRITER: Sara Colangelo

SYNOPSIS: Following a mining accident in a small Appalachian town, the disappearance of a local teenage boy draws together three unlikely inhabitants as they attempt to come to terms with their knowledge of what transpired.