American Hustle whirls around like a disco ball; it’s funky and full of sparkles. But, just as with any disco ball, the light it shines is actually reflected. Simply, this is a good film which benefits hugely from a mega cast – all of whom are firing on all cylinders.

There is an awful lot of fun to be had with Hustle, but an awful lot of minutes too. The movie’s running-time is too long to sustain an early energy and, despite a consistent charm, it ends up wheezing towards its finish.

A slimmer edit might have created a masterpiece.

It does sometimes feel as if you are handling counterfeit Scorsese goods but when American Hustle is great, it’s really great. It’s just a shame things runs out of steam towards the end. Silver Linings Playbook>American Hustle>The Fighter.



CAST: Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Bradley Cooper, Jeremy Renner, Jennifer Lawrence

DIRECTOR: David O. Russell

WRITER: David O. Russell, Eric Singer

SYNOPSIS: A man and woman con team are forced into working for the FBI as one of its agents goes after a roster of corrupt politicians and New Jersey gangsters.