Nebraska has a destination, but Alexander Payne is in no hurry to get us there. His new movie ambles along gently; clippity-clopping towards its pot of gold, while it gazes back into the past.

Its strength is its ability to physicalise days gone by; a stale American town becomes a museum under Payne’s touch. But the real revelation is June Squibb as Kate Grant; a witchy character with a sour face and a stinging nettle for a tongue, who romps home with all the best lines.

It does occasionally creak, but Nebraska’s heart is in the right place.

It droops in the middle and veers off into sticky sentimentality by its third act, but Nebraska is still able to retain a solid charm.



CAST: Bruce Dern, Will Forte, June Squibb and Bob Odenkirk.

DIRECTOR: Alexander Payne

WRITER: Bob Nelson

SYNOPSIS: An aging man, who believes he has won a million dollars, travels from Montana to Nebraska with his son in order to claim his prize.