The two universal questions surrounding the Lance Armstrong saga are: How did it go on for so long, and why did he do it? Packed with frank admissions from nearly all parties involved, the film thrives when it focuses on Gibney and Armstrong’s 1-to-1s.

Gibney raises the tone of this project from a simple exposé of Armstrong to an intriguing character study of a former sporting icon.

Although exploring themes of power and control, it lacks anything new; failing to explore Armstrong’s lack of guilt, the doping culture coursing through cycling’s veins – or the main questions of how and why.

The equivalent of looking through a microscope; satisfied enough to see the precise details of a subject yet not wanting to explore the how and why it occurred in the first place. An engaging and safe documentary from the Gibney factory.



CAST: Lance Armstrong

DIRECTOR: Alex Gibney

SYNOPSIS: An exposition of cyclist Lance Armstrong as he trains for his eighth Tour de France victory.