Thirty-one years after their first Excellent Adventure (and twenty-nine since the critically mixed Bogus Journey), Bill and Ted are back – and contrary to predictions, Wyld Stallyns have not yet written the song that will unite the universe. This has not only had consequences for their careers, marriages (the Babes have yet again been recast), and their daughters (Billie and Thea, naturally) following directly in their slacker footsteps, but also for the stability of the entire universe. With hours left and more than their high school future on the line, they embark on the most audacious heist – and their daughters hatch their own equally hare-brained scheme to help.

Bill & Ted Face the Music knows its fanbase and strikes a balance between homage and expansion of the established universe. The new version of the future does not look quite so neon (unfortunately), and the stakes never feel tremendously high despite setbacks, shenanigans, and collapse of time and space, but this is pure escapism delivered at the right time and pitch. Winter and Reeves enthusiastically embody the mannerisms and phrases they made iconic three decades ago. Their earnestness and stagnation are slightly tragic but ultimately reassuring – if these two washouts can save reality, there is hope for a kinder world.

As Billie and Thea, Lundy-Paine and Weaving mirror their dad’s optimism and strategies in a clever throwback. Other standouts include Kristen Schaal as Kelly, the daughter/chief errand runner of the Great Leader who maintains exasperated hope in Wyld Stallyns, and William Sadler returning as Death – with his own unfinished business.

Bill & Ted Face the Music is the best kind of nostalgia trip – seeped in the lore but unafraid to shake up the rules, mixing new characters with beloved mainstays, and not overstaying its welcome at a tight ninety minutes. Party on, dudes.



CAST: Alex Winter, Keanu Reeves, Kristen Schaal, William Sadler, Samara Weaving, Brigette Lundy-Paine

DIRECTOR: Dean Parisot

WRITERS: Chris Matheson, Ed Solomon

SYNOPSIS: 25 years after their totally bogus journey, Wyld Stallyns have broken up and Bill and Ted still haven’t written the song that will unite the universe – and that’s about to have dire consequences.