By turns jaw-grindingly tedious and off-puttingly obnoxious, Get In spends so long trying to figure out what story it wants to tell that it’s a wonder it even made it onto Netflix. Skittishly jumping between family drama and psychological thriller, this French production is a mishmash of half-baked ideas that thinks it’s got far more to say than it actually does.

We follow Paul (Adama Niane) and his wife Chloé (Stéphane Caillard) as they return from holiday to find that their home has been occupied by their son’s nanny and her husband, who, through some legal loophole, are now the owners of the property. Paul attempts to fight this decision in the courts but soon realises he will have to turn to more primitive means to repossess his house, and seeks the help of a group of thugs led by the leering Mickey (Paul Hamy).

This initially intriguing premise is squandered rapidly by a string of questionable choices from director Olivier Abbou. Subtlety is thrown out of the window completely with a ridiculously overbearing soundtrack that revolves around a stock drum loop designed to ratchet up tension, but which is instead intensely annoying.

There are two extremely uncomfortable sexual assault sequences that are entirely gratuitous and feel particularly outdated with the current release of Kitty Green’s stellar “Me Too” drama The Assistant, while the last 20 minutes are entirely devoted to pointless jumpscares and vague attempts at torture porn, turning the whole thing into a poor man’s You’re Next, with animal masks to boot. 

Whether it is tackling the legal system or domestic troubles, Get In is a supremely ham-fisted film.  It also manages to end with an incredibly uncomfortable and over-long sex scene. Dogged by awful production choices and far too much filler, it’s simply a complete mess.


Available to watch on: Netflix


CAST: Adama Niane, Stéphane Caillard, Paul Hamy, Eddy Leduc

DIRECTOR: Olivier Abbou

WRITERS: Olivier Abbou, Aurélien Molas

SYNOPSIS: A family returning from holiday find their house has been repossessed and plot their revenge.