1. Captain Marvel is heading to the 90s, not to Infinity War

The most recent edition of the San Diego Comic-Con revealed some gems. Not only did we get ourselves a whole hunk’a trailers, we also received some tangible news on some of the most eagerly-awaited projects in Hollywoodland. First up: Captain Marvel. At the Marvel panel, the studio revealed that the Brie Larson vehicle was going back to the 90s when everyone wore flannel and something from Seattle. Except, not everyone wore flannel; artwork revealed on stage showed that Captain Marvel will be in the standard super-spandex. In addition, Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury will be along for the ride – with two working eyes!

It does look, for the meantime, like we’ll have to keep waiting to see the superhero flick. Captain Marvel isn’t due out until March 8, 2019. Any any hopes that the hero might show up in Avengers: Infinity War have been quashed by co-director Joe Russo. Russo revealed to comicbook.com that “she’s not in Avengers 3”. What could he mean? [via The AV Club]

2. James Bond will return… obviously

Despite us not knowing whether Daniel Craig will stuff himself into another range of increasingly poorly-fitting suits for the next James Bond film, we do at least have a release date for the next instalment. According to a statement from Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Eon Productions, James Bond 25 will be released in the US on November 8, 2019. Additional details such as plot, international dates, cast, director and all the other unimportant things will follow in due course. We do at least know that it will be written by Casino Royale, Skyfall and Spectre writers Neal Purvis and Robert Wade. Rumours and whispers have hinted that Craig will probably return for a final outing but he’ll be up against an as-yet untitled Disney fairytale movie set for release on that date. That’d scare anyone off. [via Variety]

3. Here’s a 4 minute Justice League trailer

Of the two superhero trailers this week, it’s undeniable that this is the vegetables portion to Thor: Ragnarok’s sweet, sweet ice cream. The Justice League may or may not be good for you but it takes up most of the meal and, despite supposedly being different colours and varieties, it all gets mashed up on the plate in an attempt to make it more edible. Yes, we do write news at lunchtime. Anyway, eat your Justice League.

4. N C* Hoult in talks to play J R R Tolkien

Because just a shade under 20 hours isn’t nearly enough time in the cinematic Tolkienverse, Fox Searchlight are barrelling ahead with their biopic of the Lord of the Rings author. Monday saw Finnish director Dome Karukoski hired as director. Tuesday saw Nicholas Hoult emerge as the leading contender to play the nerd-in-chief. By the time you’re reading this, we could have a whole cast in place! Pride writer Stephen Beresford, and writer-director David Gleeson, worked on the script that will follow the author’s formative years through school and into World War I. With any luck, that can be split into three films, sure. [via Deadline]

*incidentally, the C stands for Caradoc. The More You Know!

5. Harrison Ford ready to go rebootin’

Harrison Ford may not seem to like anything other than flying his planes and wearing his earring, but the man’s gotta eat. That’s probably why, at the Blade Runner 2049 panel at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, the actor announced his reboot wishes. When asked “is it your goal to reboot every major franchise there is?” Ford responded “you bet your ass it is.” So, in a few years we may all be able to enjoy Clear And Present Danger And More Danger, The 2gitive and Morning Glory 2: Afternoon Delight.

The rest of the panel, when not thinking of what Harrison Ford films they’ve like to see come again, were enthusiastic about the new Blade Runner. Said director Denis Villeneuve “I didn’t want anyone else to fuck it up… it’s part of my birth, my desire to be a filmmaker.” So that bodes well. [via Deadline]

6. Thor goes all Super Saiyan in new Ragnarok trailer

No one’s saying that the Thor films haven’t been alright, but of the premier Marvel movie franchises, it’s probably the runt of the litter. Hunt For The Wilderpeople‘s Taika Waititi is almost certainly about to change that. The newest trailer for third instalment, Thor: Ragnarok  looks balls-to-the-wall awesome. Yes. Balls to the wall. Thor, Hulk, Valkyrie and Loki (potentially) up against Cate Blanchett’s goddess of death, Hela. We’re so in.

7. Anne Hathaway ready to play Barbie

Sony may soon have themselves a crying, talking, financially-rewarding living doll: Anne Hathaway. Having lost Amy Schumer from their Barbie project due to scheduling conflicts, the studio has earmarked the Interstellar and The Intern actress for the lead role. Olivia Milch, who has written the Hathaway-starring Ocean’s Eight was recently brought on board so as to attract Sony’s longtime target to the project.

The plot would see Hathaway living in Barbieland but being banished because she doesn’t fit the mould of its perfect inhabitants (y’know, like Anne Hathaway obviously isn’t). Once outside Barbieland, her character would go on an adventure in the real world and learn that real perfection is yada yada yada buy more toys. The film is expected to be a PG along the lines of Splash, Enchanted and Big according to Deadline. Whatever that means.