10 years ago Hot Fuzz burst into our lives and instantly became one of the most entertaining, thrilling, and quotable comedies of the 21st century. Hot off his cult TV series Spaced and the success of Shaun of the Dead, Edgar Wright was the name on everyone’s lips, and he delivered another classic with Hot Fuzz.

In the process he became the favourite director of a whole generation of Brits and established his own unique style of fast cuts, rocking soundtracks and witty visual comedy. We’ve written about his brilliance in the director’s seat for Hot Fuzz elsewhere this week (not to forget his role co-writing with Simon Pegg). It’s thanks to him and his penchant for tiny easter egg jokes (plus his generosity in revealing them in his commentaries) that this quiz is so difficult to master. If anyone gets 100% we will be very impressed.

We’ve also written about two of the film’s scene stealers to celebrate its 10th anniversary: the two Andys, Paddy Considine and Rafe Spall. Who knows, checking out that article may even help you answer one of the more difficult questions below. Who knows. Just an idea. Wouldn’t want to give you a clue or anything.

Really, the best thing you can do to celebrate Hot Fuzz‘s 10th anniversary is to rewatch the film for the 100th time, and enjoy its genius.

And the second best thing you can do is try this quiz.

What position in the police force is Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg) promoted to when he gets transferred to the village?

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Nicholas Angel begins the film as a Police Constable, but his embarrassingly good achievements in the opening montage earn him a 'promotion' to Sergeant.

Which famous director plays the Father Christmas who stabs Angel in the hand during the opening montage?

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Legendary director Peter Jackson makes a split-second appearance in the festive fight amongst the opening montage. He also appears in the film's extras on a very rainy day on set.

In which fictional village is most of Hot Fuzz set?

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The location for the fictional village of Sandford is Edgar Wright's real-life hometown Wells, in Somerset. The three people judging the Best Kept Village competition during the film's final shoot-out are Wright's mum, Simon Pegg's mum, and Wright's old Drama teacher Peter Wild.

Who plays Angel’s ex-girlfriend Janine?

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That's right, legendary actress and Oscar-winner Cate Blanchett lends her (masked) face to Angel's ex, Janine. She donated her fee to charity and is uncredited in the film.

What does Angel call hotel owner Joyce Cooper (Billie Whitelaw) as his answer to a crossword clue?

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As you'll no doubt recall, she first barks "FASCIST" at Angel, which is her guess at a crossword clue, and not her way of greeting new customers. (If you're really a Hot Fuzz nerd you'll also remember that Angel then corrects her answer to FASCISM). At the end of the scene, Angel calls her a HAG, but is of course just answering the next crossword clue.

We know his birthday is every year, but on which date was the ginger kid in the pub born?

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Yeah, sorry. We told you we weren't going to make it easy. Ginger Fuzz celebrates his birthday on February 22nd (every year).

How are the list of banned swearwords written on the police station swear box?

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If you got the joke in this very brief shot of the police station swear box, then you should get this answer. The first few words are appropriately blanked out, but the final entry of "Cunt" is left standing proud.

Hot Fuzz is famously part of Edgar Wright’s Cornetto trilogy, but what flavour Cornetto do Nicholas and Danny eat in the film?

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Danny and Nicholas eat a blue, original, vanilla Cornetto while they're sitting in their car in the city centre. At this point, the Cornetto link was an almost accidental joke that Edgar Wright turned into the unofficial title of his first trilogy of films with Pegg and Frost.

What’s the name of the villainous group controlling life in the village in Hot Fuzz?

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The villains are members of the N.W.A., which in this case is not the name of a ground-breaking rap group, but instead the Neighbourhood Watch Alliance.

Who calls Angel with reports of a missing swan?

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It's Peter Ian Staker, played by Stephen Merchant! The other options were jokes used in The Simpsons for Bart's prank calls to Moe.

What '90s pop song features in the Sandford Dramatics Society’s homage to Romeo & Juliet?

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An unusually chirpy rendition of The Cardigans' Lovefool (Say That You Love Me) features in the Sandford Dramatics Society's surprisingly faithful homage to Baz Luhrmann's Romeo + Juliet.

Who utters the immortal line: “You wanna be a big cop in a small town? Fuck off up the model village.”

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A cruel question, we know. You may have remembered it was one of the two Andys, but did you guess which one? It was DC Andy Cartwright, played by Rafe Spall.

Which legendary action films do Nicholas and Danny watch together?

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Plenty of great action films are mentioned during Hot Fuzz, but there are only two we see on screen as Danny and Nicholas watch them together. They are...Point Break and Bad Boys II. Fun fact: Danny's DVD collection was assembled from the stashes of Wright, his brother Oscar and fellow Brit director Joe Cornish.

What superhero does Sergeant Tony Fisher (Kevin Eldon) get his face painted as at the village fair?

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Sergeant Fisher memorably chooses to spend his day off looking like Spider-Man and eating an ice cream. Who can blame him?

How Well Do You Know Hot Fuzz?
100% Edgar Wright

You got every question right! With this level of Hot Fuzz nerd knowledge you're either Edgar Wright himself or you're holding him hostage. For the greater good (the greater good).
Nicholas Angel

You're an exceptional policeman officer but you can still get tripped up by the relaxed pace of rural life and your workaholic nature.
Sergeant Angle

You've got good Hot Fuzz knowledge but you find yourself stumbling on some of the trickier trivia. This is Nicholas Angel on a bad day.
Crusty Juggler

Now we don't want to be Judge Judy and executioner, but no one likes a crusty juggler. Almost as bad as those living statues. It's enough to make you drive your Datsun Cherry into Sandford Gorge.
The Andes

They say that two heads are better than one, but the two Andys are more than happy to disprove that theory. If you scored this lowly you've probably never even seen Hot Fuzz and all these excellent in-jokes are wasted on you. Why don't you fuck off up the model village?

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