McFarlane’s feature debut overflows with expansive and explosive emotions. An intense picture that does not coddle, The Silent Storm embraces its atmospheric identity, fervent soundtrack and otherworldly environment.

Potentially alienating content is credible and the relationships are complex, qualities abetted by robust performances. Riseborough is skilled and soulful as a repressed yet sensual woman while Lewis enthrals us again, acting from every pore to bring a severe and tempestuous character to life.

Unfortunately, notwithstanding striking shots, the direction and editing can be discordantly obtrusive. Furthermore the film loses character in the intermediary segment as matters take a disconcertingly psychedelic turn.

The Silent Storm is an unusual and entertaining melodrama. Most striking are the performances; Lewis and Riseborough hold nothing back.



CAST: Andrea Riseborough, Damian Lewis, Kate Dickie, Ross Anderson

DIRECTOR: Corinna McFarlane

WRITER: Corinna McFarlane

SYNOPSIS: In this period drama set on a remote Scottish Island, enigmatic outsider Aislin (Riseborough) finds herself caught between her stormy marriage with severe minister husband Balor (Lewis) and the young offender (Anderson) who is sent to stay with them. Meanwhile the other islanders leave the mainland in their multitudes, a circumstance that precipitates Balor to leave the island for a few days.

The Silent Storm was first reviewed by One Room With A  View as part of the 2014 London Film Festival.