Tina Fey deserves better than this film’s trailer, which suggested a woman who went to war because she was single and, when she got there, had a party.

She deserves what Whiskey Tango Foxtrot actually delivers: a funny, complex and heartbreaking tale of love, war, and how it feels to fight so hard to make progress but end up treading water.

She deserves the spot-on Scottish accent and the charming supporting turn from Freeman alongside the dubious casting but excellent performances from Abbott and Molina. WTF didn’t promise much but it delivers a fascinating story of a forgotten war.

This is the best single performance of Fey’s career and she deserves the chance to show what she can do more often.



CAST: Tina Fey, Martin Freeman, Margot Robbie, Christopher Abbott, Alfred Molina, Billy Bob Thornton

DIRECTORS: Glen Ficarra, John Requa

WRITERS: Robert Carlock (Screenplay), Kim Barker (Book, The Taliban Shuffle: Strange Days in Afghanistan and Pakistan)

SYNOPSIS: A behind-the-scenes writer at a news company heads to Afghanistan and in front of the camera in frustration at how her life is stagnating. What happens to her there changes her forever.