Portuguese director Miguel Gomes brings an inventive approach to an issue plaguing much of Europe over the last few years: economic ruin.

The stories of austerity and redundancy have grown increasingly familiar, but Gomes makes them new again using fables to exoticise a potentially dry and depressing topic.

He runs the risk of alienating viewers with such a broad approach, mixing the starkly realistic and the surreal, but the script’s wry sense of humour, the cast’s natural performances and a patient directorial style make his message a lot more accessible than it might appear.

Gomes is particularly insightful when depicting translation on-screen. His conclusion appears to be that when it comes to Europe and balancing the books, we’re all speaking a different language.



CAST: Miguel Gomes, Rogerio Samora, Crista Alfaiate, Adriano Luz, Dinarte Branco

DIRECTOR: Miguel Gomes

WRITERS: Miguel Gomes, Telmo Churro, Mariana Ricardo

SYNOPSIS: Taking inspiration from Arabian Nights, director Miguel Gomes depicts the financial austerity and social ruin of modern Portugal.