Brian O’Donnell’s Akron tells a tale of intergenerational guilt in the face of newfound love. Though both well-written and well-performed, sporadic levels of quality in all aspects runs rampant, bringing some of the good things Akron has to offer down into lesser territory.

Despite some jarring directorial choices in terms of positioning the viewer and repetition of drama, O’Donnell’s young couple offers, strangely, a huge amount of suspense. What it does with it, however, often falls short of what’s expected, leaving lacklustre climaxes, and little faith that what’s next to come will leave you feeling any differently.

Though talent is clearly evident, Akron’s writing is unfortunately offset by the flow of its direction.



CAST: Matthew Frias, Edmund Donovan, Andrea Burns, Amy Da Luz

DIRECTOR: Brian O’Donnell

WRITERS: Brian O’Donnell

SYNOPSIS: Two college students form a relationship, unaware of the significance of their mothers’ pasts.