I Promise you Anarchy offers an occasionally thought-provoking glimpse into the lives of two young lovers.

Diego Hernández’s Miguel carries the film well with a somewhat enigmatic central performance, and the grit and bustle of Mexico City provides a promising backdrop for an engaging crime thriller or a biting romantic drama.

With a more focused narrative, the relaxed style of filmmaking and cast of non-actors would have provided this film a thoughtful insight into a fascinating and frightening world. Unfortunately the occasional stylish sequence can’t save the film from being dragged down by listless storytelling.

While there are some flashes of brilliance, a lacklustre plot and a muddled third act ultimately mean I Promise You Anarchy fails to deliver on the title’s guarantee.



CAST: Diego Hernández, Eduardo Eliseo Martinez, Shvasti Calderón, Oscar Mario Botello, Gabriel Casanova

DIRECTOR: Julio Hernández Cordón 

WRITER: Julio Hernández Cordón 

SYNOPSIS: Love story I Promise You Anarchy centres on Miguel and Johnny, who are skateboarders, best friends and lovers. To finance their lifestyle, they sell their own blood and those of their gang to clandestine clinics, until a big delivery job for the mafia goes wrong.