The Ones Below takes a universal concept (pregnancy) and examines the baser human instincts involved in the potentially claustrophobic – and competitive – environment of new neighbours both expecting at the same time.

The central couples perform well with characters that are rather stereotypical – especially Poésy as the ‘everyday’ Kate and Birn as Teresa, who brings just the right touch of Stepford Wives mania. There are enjoyable moments of unexpected humour (general social awkwardness) as well a nice tautness to the plot’s proceedings.

Ultimately, however, the film’s rather predictable yet overblown ending takes the wind out of its ‘serious thriller’ sails.

The film’s aptitude is for revealing and playing with the truths of more nasty and manipulative human behaviour, however its ultimately unbalanced composition means it comes a touch unstuck.



CAST: Clémence Poésy, Stephen Campbell Moore, Laura Birn, David Morrissey 

WRITER: David Farr

DIRECTOR: David Farr

SYNOPSIS: When soon-to-be-parents Kate and Justin have new neighbours move into the flat below, it seems a happy coincidence that they are also expecting a child.  When events at a dinner party take a tragic turn, however, the evening ends up making an alarming impact on the future of all four.