At times the premise of Saint Amour feels uncannily similar to Alexander Payne‘s Sideways, a comparison that will not work to its favour as it slumps in the shadow of a far superior film. That’s not to say that Delapine and Kervern’s film isn’t an amusing road movie about a father and son travelling through French wine country; it’s to say that the humour is odd, and the insights often slight.

At heart Saint Amour is a simple, likeable comedy with Gerard Depardieu on solid if not exceptional form as a disgruntled cow farmer reaching out to his peculiar son.

Aside from a frankly bizarre ending, Saint Amour is a funny but forgettable film that will come and go without attracting much attention. 



CAST: Gerard Depardieu, Benoit Poelvoorde, Vincent Lacoste, Celine Salette

DIRECTORS: Benoit Delepine, Gustav Kervern

WRITERS: Benoit Delepine, Gustav Kervern

SYNOPSIS: A farmer and his son reconnect on a road trip through French wine country.

Saint Amour was reviewed as part of One Room With A View’s coverage of the 66th Berlinale Film Festival, which runs 11-21 February 2016.