Ideal for post-Waitangi Day recovery, Two Cars, One Night is an Oscar-nominated short about childhood, love and connection from Taika Waititi, director of Boy. It tells of the growing love between a young boy and girl left outside a bar, their parents drinking inside.

The film’s most arresting feature is the fleeting, edge-of-screen impressions made by the adults. One memorable instance shows a cigarette passed among a group of drinkers outside the diner leaving a static contrail of smoke in the air – a barrier between the children and the adults that is temporary and permanent, artless and beautiful.

With a simple touch, Waititi reminds us of the power of short but sweet encounters.

Click here to watch.

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DIRECTOR: Taika Waititi

WRITER: Taika Waititi

SYNOPSIS: A short tale about the love between a young boy and girl that shows that love can come from the most unlikely of places.