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At ORWAV we’re no strangers to the bizarre but brilliant works of rising short film director Ben Aston, and Sundance London winner Russian Roulette – reportedly made for £50 during post-production on his previous film – is an hilarious and touching addition to his already impressive oeuvre.

An introspective take on aching urban loneliness, Oli Fenton’s writing crackles with wit and warmth as two solitary souls attempt to forge a real connection via some dodgy wifi. Resonant, exceedingly quotable (“Yes, I am in space. Can I see your breasts?”) and genially acted, Hill and Lockwood’s characters leave a strong and lasting impression.

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CAST: Bec Hill, Stewart Lockwood


WRITERS: Oli Fenton, Ben Aston

SYNOPSIS: Lonely Londoner Lucy meets an eccentric astronaut on a Roulette chat service.