The story of Nick Yarris is an exasperating and extraordinary one. The unending mastication of this one bald and wiry man through the justice system’s traps grips from the off.

Free from pantomime extras, Sington focuses on the account that matters. Handing over to Yarris to dictate the pace and regale uninterrupted is a bold move, yet it pays off in spades. The unexpurgated truth is haunting, unembellished and compelling.

The Fear of 13 is some distance from pushing boundaries, yet Yarris’ exceptional story requires no help to captivate. Sington delivers what Yarris deserved 23 years prior: justice.

Clean and compelling documentary making that is patient, mysterious and captivating. Bravo to Sington, adding another strong addition to his CV.



DIRECTOR: David Sington

SYNOPSIS: Nick Yarris, a convicted murderer who has spent 23 years on Death Row, tells his story.