Ryoo Seung-wan returns after a two year break with his hilarious box office smash Veteran.

Following police inspector Seo Do-cheal (Hwang Jung-min) cracking smuggling rings and taking down big money corporations, the film smacks of ‘speaking out’ against modern conglomerate society where nobody is above the law, no matter how rich.

Seven minutes into the film we’re assaulted by the dulcet tones of Blondie mingling with the scent of criminality, culminating in the most hilarious action sequences put to screen. This is the heart of Korean action films; fun, breathtaking, and a pleasure to watch.

Veteran is hilariously fun; the soundtrack gets your head bobbing, lashes full of violence, and most of all its unbelievably fun.



CAST: Hwang Jung-Min, Jung Wong-In, Yoo Ah-In, Oh Dal-Su

DIRECTOR: Ryoo Seung-Wan

WRITER: Ryoo Seung-Wan

SYNOPSIS: A detective hunts down a young and successful man.