“In their own words” documentaries have become rather popular of late, though none are as remarkable as this – provided you’re already a Brando fan.

The exquisite construction of this film is impossible to fault, as Marlon’s introspective (never-before-heard) personal ramblings wash over us with that moment-of-clarity beauty occasionally aimed for in other movies. That Listen to Me Marlon achieves this feeling so constantly is amazing.

Brando’s words, however, haven’t the same universality as other recent subject-based docs; while the deep dive into his mind is a moving treat for us fans, one can’t help but wonder what this offers otherwise.

Thematically, it may not transcend its actual subject and attain must-see brilliance, but stylistically Listen to Me Marlon is lyrical, emotive and, for its sheer formal qualities, quite perfect.



DIRECTOR: Stevan Riley

SYNOPSIS: Marlon Brando made hundreds of hours of private audio recordings over his lifetime; here, they are edited together to tell his story and illuminate him – artistically and personally.