Queen of Earth‘s opening could be deleted footage from Perry’s Listen Up Philip, but the quality of this follow-up’s script and performances soon distracts from the repetition.

Moss and Waterston offer a masterclass in screen acting; the chemistry crackles almost audibly as they snipe back and forth at whiplash speed, and both are experts in non-verbal communication. Fugit holds his own, ambiguously treading the fine line between guy next door and insidious creep.

It’s gorgeous to look at and features a bewitching score, but Queen of Earth is too incoherent and meandering to match the quality of its stars.

If only Perry’s direction had been as brave as the performances, Queen of Earth would be unmissable. Instead it’s a fine showcase for the leads but not much more.



CAST: Elisabeth Moss, Katherine Waterston, Patrick Fugit, Kentucker Audley

DIRECTOR: Alex Ross Perry         

WRITER: Alex Ross Perry

SYNOPSIS: Two women who grew up together discover they have drifted apart when they retreat to a lake house together.