Calm, rational and dignified all while shining light through a black hole. To navigate a topic such as the Holocaust with two children of Nazi generals provides a strong hook. It’d be easy to sensationalise, yet Evans’ simple, but effective approach creates a composed and heartbreaking final product.

Bringing focus to just three men within all this death provides My Nazi Legacy with its power. A story of denial, acceptance, desperation and sadness. Hardly cinematic, but this persuasive film offers something important, unique and affecting. It’s difficult to imagine a replication of this level of delicacy and insight any time soon.

In illuminating a fascinating question, My Nazi Legacy presents a new view of The Holocaust that makes for captivating and compelling content.



DIRECTOR: David Evans

WRITER: Philippe Sands

SYNOPSIS: While researching the Nuremberg trials, the human rights lawyer came across two men who re-focused his studies: Niklas Frank and Horst von Wächter. However, the two men hold polar opposite views on the Nazi generals who raised them.

Catch My Nazi Legacy in cinemas nationwide on 20 November 2015.