A tale of a youth seeking abortion, even in Vietnam, borders on the prosaic – yet Diep’s sensual approach allows it to become a springboard for more interesting facets.

The exploration of a youth with no future holds the story up as it thrives upon its exploration of the ordinary. The brutal reality of Hanoi life – a life of full stops, rather than commas – is fascinating.

However, several empty and underdeveloped subplots take the film away from reaching its full potential. Despite some strong performances, Flapping suffers from squeezing too many ideas into a 99 minute runtime.

This is a strong debut looking from a female perspective into complex matters, providing a somewhat refreshing lift to a well-trodden path.



CAST: Nguyen Thuy Anh, Hoang Ha, Tran Bao Son, Thanh Duy

DIRECTOR: Nguyen Hoang Diep

WRITER: Nguyen Hoang Diep

SYNOPSIS: When young Hanoi couple Tung and Huyen discover they are going to have a baby, it inspires two desperate quests to raise money for an abortion. While Tung looks to illegal cockfighting, Huyen resorts to prostitution with a client that results in some surprising personal realisations.