As you might expect from the title, Roger Waters inhabits virtually every fibre of this film with his grizzled charisma.

Flitting between concert footage and somewhat contrived sequences in which Waters journeys to Italy to visit the memorial site where his father was killed in the Second World War, Roger Waters The Wall hammers home its anti-war message with the same unrelenting belligerence which is so characteristic of the man himself.

Highlighting the cost of human conflict, Waters pays tribute to those who have been lost in war, and encourages us to be more sceptical of those who govern us.

Though it feels indulgent at times, Roger Waters The Wall is a landmark achievement in concert performance which uses the visual medium of cinema to its full advantage.



CAST: Roger Waters, Dave Kilminster, Snowy White

DIRECTORS: Sean Evans, Roger Waters

WRITERS: Sean Evans, Roger Waters

SYNOPSIS: Roger Waters’ hugely successful tour of the seminal Pink Floyd concept album ‘The Wall’ is brought to cinemas, interspersed with a personal pilgrimage to Italy.