Blood of My Blood tries to link too many genres, styles and time periods, without much of a story to hold them together.

The script may be poor, but Bellocchio keeps your attention with teasing direction, leaning heavily on classic Gothic visuals. He is ably supported by cinematographer Daniele Cipri, who buries the film in heavy shadows that add to the sense of helplessness.

A brief diversion into broad comedy is entertaining, but only distracts you from the rest of the film. Thankfully, strong lead performances from Pier Giorgio Bellocchio and Roberto Herlitzka restore some clarity and weight.

Some interesting ideas fall apart without the support of a strong script, and Bellocchio’s direction is cold comfort.



CAST: Roberto Herlitzka, Pier Giorgio Bellocchio, Alba Rohrwacher, Lidiya Liberman, Fausto Russo Alesi

DIRECTOR: Marco Bellocchio

WRITER: Marco Bellocchio

SYNOPSIS: The trial of a nun, the temptation of a priest and an ancient, ageing vampire. Blood of My Blood travels centuries in its quest for satisfaction.