It’s nice to see a film tackling mental illness without over-sentimentality; But Milk is Important offers a reminder of how the most mundane tasks, like talking to a neighbour, seem like unsurmountable mountains, and everyday items, like a carton of milk, a murder weapon.

The wide eyed child-like characters, hand-drawn sets and the simplicity of the ‘fantasy figure’ gives the film a sweet and simultaneously unnerving edge. This duality continues with this fantastical creature, who instead of being a stereotypical manifestation of the mental illness,  plays a far more ambiguous role and offers welcome moments of light relief.

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CAST: John Lapiana, Adam Diggle, Britt Myer

DIRECTORS: Eirik Grønmo Bjørnsen and Anna Mantzaris

SYNOPSIS: A lonely young man struggling with social anxiety and paranoia is kept company by  a fantasy figure from his mind.